Mariko Yamamoto



Business Japanese Professional


'Make it possible.' 

You will get strong support from this business Japanese professional.

Business Background

Mariko Yamamoto (山本真理子) has extensive knowledge and experience of business in Japan.

  • Millea Mondial (ミレア・モンディアル)COO 2006-2013   
  • Japan Research Institute-JAIS (日本総研) Supervisor → Department Head 1994-2006  
  • Mitsubishi Corporation (三菱商事)  1980-1985
  • Has 25 year work experience at well-known Japanese companies.
  • Was the COO of a company with 2000+ employees for ten years
  • Has extensive experiences in developing successful business contracts; budgeting; staff and client management.
  • Knows the best business communication skills and staff management skills to deploy in various situations.
  • Over the course of 200+ interviews for staff, has knowledge of what the best candidates require.

Teaching Experiences

  • Has been teaching for 9 years.
  • ​Online Business Communication 2020-Present
  • Waseda Foreign Language School - JLPTN4-N2 & Career Design 2016-Present
  • Private Online Lessons for beginners 2016-Present
  • SONY - private lesson for expats 2019-2020
  • BMW Japan - group lesson for expats 2017-2019

Teaching Qualifications

  • Has received training at Arai Academy of Japanese Studies since 2020.
  • Holds the Certificate of Japanese Language Teaching from the World Japanese Language Centre in Sydney, Australia.


I learned Japanese Business Culture and it was very insightful and Yamamoto sensei teaches so well. I have learned from a few institutions in Japan but I like Arai Academy’s approach and the way you all are guiding. I am very happy to join the classes. Thank you so much for all kind assistance and support always.'  - G.T (India)

上司に使てはいけない言葉等、授業の内容が一番身に着けたかった内容でした。 そして、今迄AraiAcademyのレッスンを受けて、社内の日本人とのコミュニケーションに、前よりもっと自信を持てるようになったと感じました。 実は、この前、山本先生から教えていただきました表現を、ぴったりの場面があり、すぐ思いつき使ったときに、「すごいね、良い表現」と褒められました。(その時「使えた!! ありがとうございます山本先生!」と思いました。(笑) F.A (インドネシア) 03/08/2022

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