Michiko Kimura


Qualified Native Teacher


'Expand your world, broaden your world, and broaden your horizon!' 

You will get  strong support from this highly experienced native Japanese teacher.

Teaching Experiences

  • Has been teaching for 8 years.
  • The people's University of Amstelveen (Volksuniversiteit Amstelveen)
  • The language centre of the University of Amsterdam (Amsterdam, The Netherlands) 
  • South Hampstead High School (London, UK)
  • IIEL Greenwich Campus Charlton House (London, UK)
  • SORA Japanese School (San Francisco, USA)
  • Edo Cultural Center Japanese Language School (Tokyo, Japan)
  • We Language School (Tokyo, Japan)

Teaching Qualifications

  • Has received training at Arai Academy of Japanese Studies since 2018.
  • Holds the Postgraduate Diploma in Japanese Teaching at the Institute of International Education in London.
  • Also holds the Certificate of English for Japanese Language Teaching


I have been studying Japanese for almost 4 years. As of 2020, I have been taking my studies more seriously. Since I struggle with social anxiety, I have always had a hard time finding the best way for me to learn the Japanese language.  Wether this would be live or via Zoom, in a group setting or private lessons etc.

At one point I decided to do the group lessons and stumbled on Michiko Sensei. I did not enjoy the group lessons at all, but I was still excited cause I did enjoy Michiko as my teacher. I quickly realized that learning in a group setting was not for me.

After some time I decided to only do private lessons with Michiko, and to be honest that was the best decision I’ve ever made :). Within no time I learned so much and was able to pass for my JLPT N4.

Even though I struggled with some fear and anxiety, Michiko was always super understanding, kind and empathetic. Having lessons with Michiko sensei always feel like a casual conversation with a friend while learning so much at the same time.

She is good at explaining grammar, even the most complex ones. When she gives feedback, it never feels like you are being scolded :).

I honestly would recommend Michiko to anyone that is learning Japanese and wants to be fluent and good at the language in the shortest time possible. Obviously it is a complex language and you need to study a lot yourself and be very serious, but with Michiko by your side, you’ll be making sentences and conversing with natives in no time!
Max. H  / The Netherlands

Mini Speaking Lesson


15 minutes Online Session [Select a suitable time slot after payment.]

  • Enjoy a conversation practice
  • Ask any questions about the Japanese language
  • Consult your learning problems
  • Request lesson/course desiging
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