Michiko Kimura


Qualified Native Teacher


'Expand your world, broaden your world, and broaden your horizon!' 

You will get  strong support from this highly experienced native Japanese teacher.

Teaching Experiences

  • Teaching for 7 years.
  • The people's University of Amstelveen (Volksuniversiteit Amstelveen)
  • The language centre of the University of Amsterdam (Amsterdam, The Netherlands) 
  • South Hampstead High School (London, UK)
  • IIEL Greenwich Campus Charlton House (London, UK)
  • SORA Japanese School (San Francisco, USA)
  • Edo Cultural Center Japanese Language School (Tokyo, Japan)
  • We Language School (Tokyo, Japan)

Teaching Qualifications

  • Has been trained at Arai Academy of Japanese Studies since 2018.
  • Obtained the Postgraduate Diploma in Japanese Teaching at the Institute of International Education in London.
  • Obtained the Certificate of English for Japanese Language Teaching


I learned Japanese Business Culture and it was very insightful and Yamamoto sensei teaches so well. I have learned from a few institutions in Japan but I like Arai Academy’s approach and the way you all are guiding. I am very happy to join the classes. Thank you so much for all kind assistance and support always.'  - G.T (India)

上司に使てはいけない言葉等、授業の内容が一番身に着けたかった内容でした。 そして、今迄AraiAcademyのレッスンを受けて、社内の日本人とのコミュニケーションに、前よりもっと自信を持てるようになったと感じました。 実は、この前、山本先生から教えていただきました表現を、ぴったりの場面があり、すぐ思いつき使ったときに、「すごいね、良い表現」と褒められました。(その時「使えた!! ありがとうございます山本先生!」と思いました。(笑) F.A (インドネシア) 03/08/2022

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