Arai Method

Culture based-learning

Learn by speaking

▢ Is it hard to memorise grammar and expressions?

▢ Do you want to speak with confidence?

▢ Do you want to learn more effectively?

If the answers are ‘Yes!’, I am happy to support you.

Two Keys for Effective Learning

Arai Method will help you to build the solid foundation of learning process and accelerate learning in the future.

There are two keys.

Key 1 - Understand the Japanese perspective behind expressions.

Our thoughts become expressions.

So, this logical understanding strongly helps you learn both the language and Japanese behaviour.

Key 2 - Learn by Speaking.

Speaking a lot will connect your knowledge and your mouth.

Saying an expression is more stimulus because you use more senses; reading (eyes) listening (ears), speaking (mouth).

Stimuls learning helps your memory.

Use the two keys and you will not need to memorise hard any more.

Quality Input & Output

Learning Japanese has two parts, input and output.

Do you know about good input and output?

 <Effective Input>

  • visualised contexts and real life settings
  • understanding grammar crystal clear

 <Effective Output>

  • speaking about your needs and yourself
  • checking your sentences with the native speaker’s output

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