Mineko Arai

Born in Shizuoka, Japan.

'My passion is to broaden the views in your life.'


My Teaching Experiences

School of Oriental & African Studies - University of London, BA in Japanese (2014-2019)

Foreign & Commonwealth Office - UK diplomats (2013-2016)

King's College London - University of London (2009-2017)

University of Sheffield  - East Asian Studies, BA in Japanese (2006-2009)

My Corporate Contracts

Dentsu Group - CFO & CSO (2023-present)

SONY - IT Manager (2016-2020)
Tokyo Esque (2017-2020)
Deloitte - Japan Team (2017-2018)
Bank of Tokyo - Mitsubishi UFJ (2017-2018)
Ashurst (2016)
Polar Capital (2015-2016)

British Museum - Japan Team (2015)

Dentsu International - President & senior memebrs(2013-2014)

My Education Background

Leading Adult Learning - University College London (2017)

MBA in Education Management - King's College London (2011-2012)

MA in Applied Japanese Linguistics - School of Oriental & African Studies - University of London (2005-2006)

My journey

I taught English for two and half years before I decided to leave the inspiring views of Mt. Fuji to embark on a transformational journey to the United Kingdom, via South East Asia, Central Asia and Europe.

I wanted to experience local cultures, lifestyles, and behaviours, so I backpacked through these regions. 


The beginning was challenging as I had to find a way of communicating with people, with whom I did not share a common language.

I continued my journey using gestures and simple phrases, and as time elapsed, I slowly absorbed the different cultures and I adjusted to the local lifestyles of the countries.

My teaching is strongly influenced by my cultural interactions in the past.

Private Lessons (Online)

I will design the lessons for your level & needs by identifying your strengthes and weaknesses.

I will adjest for your learning style to maximise your outcome.

Let's make your dreams come true!

Tuition Fees: £70  per 60 minutes before 17:00 GMT (You can chose from 30 minutes to 120 minutes.)

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"I studied with Arai sensei since Oct 2016, the lessons are always well-prepared, Arai-sensei puts a lot of emphasis on communication skills in real-life scenarios. Sensei is also very good at illustrating the subtle nuances in different grammar points which are not otherwise obvious. Teaching materials are drawn from a wide variety of sources instead of a single textbook. At the same time through Arai-sensei I also gained a lot of exposure to the different aspects of Japanese culture, which reinforces my Japanese study. I would not hesitate to recommend sensei to anyone who is interested in studying Japanese."

Beginner level, VY, financial services

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