Your 'WAY' is so valuable.「道(みち)」'WAY' in Calligraphy Japanese Brush Pen

Nov 22, 2021


‘Way’ means something deep in Japanese. I think this phrase is often used in order to express your vision in your life. I would like to introduce 3 main usages of ‘way’ in Japanese.


The basic use is ‘street and road’ in a town, such as a main road and pedestrian road.


Another common usage is the way of doing a special field, for example, XX-do such as shodo, kado, sado,bushido, judo and aikido. You can also say ‘your job title+ no michi’. In my case, ‘nihongo kyoshi no michi’ means the way as a Japanese language teacher. You can also say ‘nihongo gakushusha no michi’ , the way of Japanese language learner, is tough but good luck! And I want to live on this way, ‘kono michi


And we often say michi as the long way to achieve the goal of your life. For example, we often say the way to happiness, the way to marriage, the way to getting a job, and my own way. We think it’s a long way and it is important to walk step by step. Personally, the way I walked in the past was very important in my life now. And the way I am going through in the future will be an amazing walk. Please walk your own way steadily.

ちなみに、英語のウェイはちょっとニュアンスが違うことがあります。例えばthe way of thinkingは日本語では「考え方」、in that way, 「そのやり方」ですので、Methodやhow toなどの意味ですから、「道」じゃないですね。

By the way, ‘way’ in English sometimes used differently. For example, ‘the way of thinking’ can be translated like ‘ how to think’, and ‘in that way’ can be ‘by doing that’ in Japanese. So, it means methods and how to do things. It does not mean ‘way’ you walk through in Japanese.

My friend kindly wrote the word. Calligraphy by Moji Brush

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