Are you visiting Japan? Be prepared. 防災訓練

Mar 20, 2022


There was a big earthquake on 20th March 2022. I was scared because the shake was much longer than usual. The Shinkansen in Tohoku went off  the rail. I’d like to share our traditional ‘bosai-kunren (disaster prevention/preparedness)’ and some advice for you.


Have you attended ‘bosai-kunren’? We have this training in order to minimise the damage from unstoppable typhoon, tsunami, flood and earthquake in Japan. 1st September is ‘Bosai Day’ and we have this training at schools and offices every year.


We have ‘bosai bag’ at home to be able to evacuate to an evacuation site in the area whenever you hear evacuation alert. Normally, water bottles, tin food, torch, radio and medications are in it.


Water, electricity and internet will not be available at a natural disaster. And we have a meeting point with our family in case you cannot use the mobile phone. You can also use furniture and the door holders/stoppers to prevent things from moving and falling.


It is a good idea to have a ‘bosai bag’ and check the evacuation site nearby in order not to get panicked if you experience a natural disaster in Japan.


Beth from WaNavi explained her experience 11 years ago in Japan as below.

‘I experienced the 3.11 Great East Japan Earthquake and subsequent disaster as a new mother in 2011. As a British Australian I had no experience with earthquakes prior to coming to Japan and definitely no experience with disasters. I immediately took cover in a doorway with my baby, but once the initial shaking had stopped, I realised I had no idea what to do. WaNavi Japan was created by Japanese and International women to empower international residents with earthquake literacy to live comfortably and confidently in Japan. ‘ Beth Yokohara


This association mainly provides a wide range of ‘bosai’ workshops and learning opportunities for those who are not familiar with natural disaster in Japan. This link might be useful for you.


What I hope is that every single person who come to Japan can stay safe.


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