High Learnability - Tips for Japanese Speaking Practice

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I always wanted my students to improve their learnability in order to accelerate their learning. And I decided to share my knowledge about Second Language Learning Theories with you.
This subject is basically for language teachers. However, I am sure that learners can gain benefit from it. 
I designed 'Hi Learnability' based on the theories of Second Language Acquisition as Welcome Present for student who sign up Master SPEAKING Japanese during the welcome week - 31/10 to 6/11.
From 'Hi Learnability' you will;
- be able to compare how you studied in the past,
- what is a good speaking practice especially in mastering Japanese and,
- making a better plan for Japanese speaking practice.
My mission is to support personal growth for Japanese language learners. I want them to broaden their views by learning Japanese perspectives through language learning.
It is nice to be global citizen. So, I hope this new service will be useful for many learners in the world.
Mineko Arai

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