Hokusai Style E-Birthday Card いい誕生日カード

Sep 21, 2023



My birthday is 4th of September. I received this beautiful e-card from my student and Id like to share the story.


Sarasa has been taking my online lessons for over 6 years. Now she speaks fluently, and I am very happy for her.


She has been dedicated to the weekly lessons. She digests and uses everything she learns week by week. It is not easy to keep doing it for 6 years.


Her attitude for learning is also impressive. She asks me learning advice and always carries out all I suggest for her.


‘Continuity is the power(of success).I am sure that you can improve more than today if you continue learning. Simply, trust yourself and carry on!

 Mineko Arai

Managing Director

Arai Academy of Japanese Studies

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