How to impress Japanese People

Oct 22, 2022

Have you ever felt that you might have done something wrong with a Japanese person? I’ll introduce 3 points to impress Japanese people. No more cultural misunderstandings!


Point 1

Japanese people get impressed when you are trying to do your best for others. Therefore, You can give a great impression to Japanese people when you try to learn Japanese culture and show your motivation to be better.


Point 2

 Japanese people tend to prefer a trustworthy person. You can create trust with Japanese people better if you show respect to them, especially to the Japanese ways.


Point 3

‘Trust’ is the most important thing in Japanese society. Therefore, once you gain trust, you can be more successful as people listen to your opinions and they can rely on you in various situations. They will see you as a great person.



There are common cultural misunderstandings with Japanese people but it will be a bit long. So, I would like to show the three cases in the next article. Just for now, please remember the above points. It will help your deeper understanding from the example cases.


I am more than happy to support you in creating good relationships with Japanese people.



Mineko Arai

Managing Director


Mariko Yamamoto

Business Japanese Professional Teacher


Arai Academy of Japanese Studies

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