‘I’ll receive the life =thank you for the food’ in Japanese「いただきます/ itadakimasu」

Sep 14, 2023

食べる前に言う「いただきます」は英語のEnjoy your mealじゃなくて、動植物の命を「いただく」という意味です。

‘Itadakimasu’ is the expression before eating. It literally means ‘I’ll receive the life of plants and animals’, and doesn’t mean ‘Enjoy your meal’ in English.


We can express our appreciation for food and drinks because we are allowed to live by receiving their life.


Therefore, we say ‘itadakimasu’ when you eat alone and often put our hands together to express the feeling more strongly.


輝いて  Enrich your life!

新井峰子(Mineko Arai)

Managing Director

Arai Academy of Japanese Studies


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