Japanese New Year card has lottery number 年賀状のお年玉くじ

japanese new year card and the lottery Jan 23, 2022


In Japan, we send new year card as greeting. I send it to my students every year. If you received the cards, you should keep them until mid-January. Can you see the number at the bottom of the card? This is for the National New Year Lottery.


The 1st prize is 300,000 yen. The 2nd prize is a gift from one of many places in Japan. You can choose the area! The 3rd is postal stamp with the design of the cute tiger, as 2022 is the year of tiger.


1等賞 770102 (下6桁)

2等賞 1208(下4桁)

3等賞     54と50 と02(下2桁)

If you have the New Year cards, please check the numbers below.

The 1st prize - 770102 (the last 6 digits)

The 2nd prize -1208 (the last 4 digits)

The 3rd prize – 54, 50 and 02 (the last 2 digits)


How was it? If you won, you should take the card to a post office in Japan and exchange it. I won the 3rd prize! I will take the card to the local post office tomorrow.


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