How Do Japanese Pupils Learn Kanji?

Aug 10, 2022

Can we escape from learning Kanji? 日本人の漢字学習


Do you know how Japanese pupils learn kanji? Do you think its easy to learn kanji for Japanese pupils? Ill show my experience of kanji learning at school and also share my life philosophy after all. I hope it will be useful for your learning.

<日本人の漢字学習の実態> <Kanji Education in Japan>


The pupils learn 1026 kanjis at 6 years of elementary school and 1110 kanjis at 3 years of junior high school. The total of 470 hours among 9 years are allocated for writing lessons according to the school guidance.


Not only attending the lessons but there was also a weekly kanji test during the semesters. I actually took the tests for 9 years. Strict teacher often checks the small details of kanji writing such as stroke orders. If you fail, then you have to write the kanjis many times before you go home after school. I managed to pass every week!


By the way, I taught kanji classes at the university in the UK and marked the weekly tests. I had to be consistent with marking quality but it was hard to be strict because my students worked hard.

<私の人生哲学> <My Life Philosophy>


I have got a steady perseverance after learning new kanjis every week for 9 years as a child, because I was not able to escape..


Some people might think children can learn easily but it was tough for me to learn all the details and irregular readings.


However, now I feel that we can achieve something at a certain level if we continue it for long enough. What do you think about the kanji learning environment for Japanese pupils? I hope you have learnt something for your life.


How many years did you learn the script of your language? If you are learning kanji, I wish you success! I would like to share the effective kanji learning methods in the future.


「輝いて」- Enrich your life!

Mineko Arai

Managing Director

Arai Academy of Japanese Studies

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