My Journey with Sake Sommelier Academy - Motivated Successful People

Oct 25, 2023


I'd like to share the successful people in sake industry, Kumiko Ohta and Xavier Chapelou.

 ï¼’018年7月 新井アカデミー3周年記念で初めて酒ソムリエ協会創立者の太田久美子さんに会いました。私がまだロンドン大学で働いていた時、生徒がアルバイトをしていた酒ソムリエ協会のワークショップについて聞いたので、新井アカデミーのメンバーに紹介しました。それを知って喜んでくれた太田久美子さんがお祝いに駆け付けて、太田さんブランドisakeの日本酒をくださいました。

I first met the founder of Sake Sommelier Academy (SSA), Kumiko Ohta, at the 3rd anniversary party of Arai Academy of Japanese Studies in July 2019. I was still teaching at the University of London and my student who did a part-time job at SSA told me about the sake workshop. I shared the info with the members of Arai Academy and Ohta-san was happy about it, joined the party and gave me her brand, isake.

 2019年の5月にはロンドンで酒ソムリエ協会主催のJapan Lifeというイベントに呼ばれ、日本酒のイベントにちなんで「日本語での日本酒の注文の仕方」をテーマに日本語のレッスンをさせていただきました。参加者はみなとても熱心にレッスンを受けてくれて、嬉しかったです。

Kumiko Ohta and Xavier Chapelou, the founders of Sake Sommelier Academy, organised 'JAPAN LIFE' as a sake tasting and Japanese cultural evening in London In May 2019. Arai Academy of Japanese Studies provided Japanese lessons for the guests and the guests found the lesson absolutely useful.


Ohta-san and Xavier-san kindly suggested to work together and I undertook a Certified Sake Sommelier Course at Sake Sommelier Academy in order to understand sake learners mind and attitudes in October 2019. I have completed it and have received the certificate!

そして、*2023年5月、Advance Sake courseで*日本語のレッスンを提供させていただくことになりました。*日本での生活に合わせた内容や*専門用語を使って話す練習をして、*生徒さんは役に立ったと言ってもらえ、とても嬉しく思います。いつも前進している*太田さん、ザビエルさん、少しでも協力できたら嬉しいです。今後ともよろしくお願いいたします。

Finally, Sake Sommelier Academy and Arai Academy have started working together Since May 2023. I taught useful expressions in Sake Brewery in Japan and the terminology. I am glad the students enjoyed. Ohta-san and Xavier  always keep moving on and impressive. I hope I can contribute your students.


Learners passion is the most important for us and its our passion to design the course for their specific needs and interests and support for their best outcome. We are happy to work together.


Thank you very much for the wonderful time together, Ohta-san and Xavier and our journey together will be fruitful for all.


Please access the summary of the Sake lesson at the event from this link.


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