New Year Card from Abroad 海外からの年賀状

Jan 27, 2024


I received a New Year Card from our student, Anna Tarasova.


Every year, I send my New Year card to our students. It is a great opportunity to send a wish and an encouragement to them in both Japan and abroad. It is nice that Anna created this New Year card by following the Japanese culture.


She studied at a Japanese university and worked in Japan after her graduation. She has been  back in the U.S but she is planning to get a job in Japan again and has been studying Japanese dedicatedly with Arai Academy of Japanese Studies. We really wish her bright future!

*本人からフルネームで出してもらえたら光栄だということで、紹介させていただきました。*Her full name was written as she mentioned that she is privileged about it.


Mineko Arai

Managing Director

Arai Academy of Japanese Studies

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