Seasonal Greetings

Dec 30, 2023

Seasonal Greeting‘Thank you for your support/help/care’ 「お世話になりました/osewani narimashita」


Hello! How was your 2023? It is going to end really soon. I would like to share the useful expression for seasonal greeting in Japanese.

<Japanese Script with English Translation>



‘Osewani narimashita.’ is the expression to show your gratitude to the person who helped you. ‘Osewa’ literally means ‘your kind care.’ in English. It’s often used with ‘Thank you very much.’


For example, you can say ‘Osewani narimashita’ this year to your teacher and clients at the end of year as a seasonal greeting.


‘Osewani narimashita for many things this year! Thanks to all, weve got more followers, the contracts with the top Japanese company and the collaboration with the teachers at the universities worldwide. Thank you very much for your warm support in 2023. Wed like to provide more useful contents for you and appreciate your further support!

輝いて  Enrich your life!

新井峰子(Mineko Arai)

Managing Director

Arai Academy of Japanese Studies

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