Thank you for the food-after eating

Oct 25, 2023

食べた後に言う「ご馳走様でした」は英語でlt was a feast.ですが、食事できたことに感謝を表すので、


‘Gochiso sama deshita’ is the expression after eating. It literally means ‘It was a feast.’ in English but Japanese people say it every day to appreciate that they were able to eat.


Therefore, We express the daily meals as ‘a feast’  to show appreciation for food and drinks.


友達が自分の分も支払ってくれた場合には  必ずその人に  「ご馳走様でした」と言います。

It’s nice to say ‘gochiso sama deshita’ to the staff at a restaurant or a café when you leave there and to the person who paid for you.


Of course, we say ‘gochiso sama deshita’ when you eat alone and often put our hands together to express the feeling more strongly. Would you like to use this expression?

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