Tips for Japanese Speaking Practice 4

Jan 16, 2022

Many of my private students contacted me, because they couldn’t speak Japanese well after so much effort. I just wanted to help you if you feel the same. It is just a matter of the methods.

I explained the importance of self-practice for boosting your confidence on the last videos! Because NO preparation makes you feel lost.

How do you normally learn new expressions? Do you find it hard to memorise them every time? I totally understand your situation.

I want you to focus on understanding the native mind-set why they say like this. For example, よろしくお願いします。Is normally translated to nice to meet you. But おねがいします actually means I request. So, I request your welcome. And you can order ramen saying ラーメンお願いします。

In this way, you’ll understand the phrase better. As a result, you remember better. Please, spend some time making a solid foundation.

You can prepare your speaking through the conversation with me on Master SPEAKING Japanese course. You will build a solid base and speak better. My students who are taking the course truly verified it in front of me!

If you prefer self-study, it’s perfect for you! You can study any time anywhere, and It’s less costly. I just wanted to share my lessons for more affordable price! I am here for your to support and maximise your effort!

I wish you the best!

Mineko Arai

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