The Earthquake & My cultural experiences in Turkey

Feb 08, 2023


I have been in Istanbul since the end of January 2023 in order to improve my cross-cultural understanding skills. I also had a plan to stay in Adana near Syria in March. This is because I strongly felt the importance of inter-cultural skills since I have got more students worldwide. Turkey has amazing mixed cultures from both Asia and Europe and it has been impressing me in my new life!


My Turkish student kindly helped me with my accommodation, the cultural to do list, pick-up service, treating Turkish food and food shopping etc and I was able to settle here easily. The staff at shops always try to communicate with me without a common language and cat food and water for stray cats are everywhere on the streets. I feel the warmth of the people here.


I was shocked about the massive earthquake while I am here. However, the people impressed me again because busy students and business people focused on what they can do for help and took the actions immediately. I wanted to do volunteering work in Adana but I had to give up when I heard that only those professionals are allowed to enter the area.

代わりに私の生徒からトルコで信用されているAHBAPという慈善団体を教えてもらい、寄付をしました。毎日雪が降っていますが、早速現地でシェルターが作られていると聞いて嬉しかったです。イスタンブールに事務所がある日本の慈善団体AAR Japanも見つけたので、近いうちに尋ねてみようと思っています。

Instead, I asked my student about the most trustworthy charity association in Turkey and donated. It’s been snowing here but I am happy to hear that some shelters have been already built for the survivors. I also found Japanese charity association called AAR Japan. It has an office in Instanbul and I want to visit there soon.


Our individual power is tiny but I believe that we can create a massive power when each of us put our energy together as one. Let’s try our best!


AAR Japan



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