What does Japanese '和 わ WA - harmony' mean to your life?

Nov 29, 2021


‘WA’ can be one of the most important way of thinking in Japan.


It is often used in two meanings.

1つはよく日本のことについて表します。たとえば、和食、和菓子、和紙、和服 や「和風」のカフェ、「和風」スパゲティーなどがありますね。

The other popular use is to represent ‘(traditional) Japanese something’. For example, Japanese food, Japanese snacks, Japanese paper, Japanese clothes and also Japanese style café and Japanese style spaghetti!


Have you eaten Japanese style spaghetti?


It does not have tomato sauce and it is pasta with soy sauce. I love it!



It often means ‘harmony’.


There are phrases often used in our daily life such as ‘Let’s value/create/keep the harmony.’ ‘It’s better not to mess up the harmony’.


It is my thought but, the idea of ‘WA’ can be similar to our respect to the nature in Shintoism.


For example, Mt. Fuji is considered as one of the gods.



‘HEI・WA’ means peace and ‘WA’ stays in the same level without ups and downs.


‘WA’ can be the key word for the globalising world today.


What do you think about the word ‘WA’?

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