Our Mission & Passion

Learn better and boost your confidence!

Are you in the situation(s) below?

▢ I don’t know how to use similar grammar and expressions.

▢ I can’t remember phrases.

▢ I study hard but I don’t feel progress.

Don’t worry, it is not your fault. You just need simple explanations and enough practice. Highly learnable materials and lessons will help you.

Our Mission 1

You can learn steadily, maximise your potential and feel confident.

Our Mission 2

You can enrich your life by learning the Japanese mindset behind the expressions.

Two keys to achieve your dream.

Key 1 - Practical situations

Learn Japanese for your real life settings.

For example a conversation;

  • for your holiday and business trip in Japan,  
  • on Japanese anime/drama/film and
  • with your Japanese friends, colleagues, clients and family

Key 2 - Express yourself

  • Learn the expression for your needs.
  • Practise a lot for your own situations
  • Talk about your thoughts

Let's get the Keys and open the doors to your dream! You will keep motivated, gain confidence and enjoy communicating with native speakers.

Thank you very much for learning Japanese. 

We wish your success.

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