Yuriko Nakamura


Qualified Native Teacher


'Let's learn together!' 

You will get strong support from this highly experienced multi-lingual native Japanese teacher.

Teaching Experiences

  • Has been teaching for 10 years.
  • Mordern Language Department, University in Istanbul, Turkey
  • Japanese lanugage training, Guts Soul Company, Tokyo, Japan

Teaching Qualifications

  • Has received training at Arai Academy of Japanese Studies since 2023.
  • Holds an MA in Foreign Language Teaching (Japanese) at Canakkale Onsekiz Mart University, Turkey.
  • Also holds the Certificate of 420hours of Japanese Teacher’s Training Course


Nakamura-sensei is the best!!! She always goes out of her own way to make sure that I am following, always tries to make me feel comfortable, very patient with me and  always find fun activities to do.
I must say that Nakamura Sensei is the best teacher I've everr had in my wholeeee life. She always takes care of me, always makes the class interesting, and over all give a lot of effort into her classes. This is the class that I enjoy the most, and I study for this one the most, not just because I love it, but I also respect Nakamura Sensei so much that I want to improve myself and I want make her proud.  
Nakamura sensei really cares about my lesson participation. She makes sure that I understand the material by asking all of us questions. Her instructions are clear and easy to follow. HerL slides are also well-structured. The lessons are quite interactive which is definitely necessary for a language learning. 

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