Toshihide Hariki


Assistant Native Teacher


'Let's enjoy learning journey!' 

You will get strong support from this passionate native Japanese teacher.

Teaching Experiences

  • Has been teaching for 3 years.
  • Shimaguni Language School, Brighton, UK
  • Online private lessons worldwide

Teaching Qualifications

  • Has received training at Arai Academy of Japanese Studies since 2023.
  • Taking the later half of a Japanese Teaching Certificate course at the World Japanese Language Centre, Sydney, Australia
  • Also holds a Trainer Certificate Martial Arts Tai Chi Instructor qualification from Japan Wushu Taijiquan Federation 

About Me

  • Recently I've relocated myself to a Japanese village near the UNESCO World Heritage, Kumano Kodo after 21 years of living in the UK.

    My lessons are fun and focused on your needs! I enjoy sharing my learning experiences of English and Spanish with my students.

    Also, I ‘d love to share my passion for the culture, especially my interests in Japanese cuisine, martial arts and hiking in Japan.

    If you visit Japan, I am happy to guide you all over Japan with my experiences and knowledge’.


Hariki-sensei’s classes are really useful, and I also learn many things about culture and food.
Thank you so very much for running the course Hariki-sensei! Going through the grammar has given me a good foundation and highlighted to me exactly where to focus on my grammar. And it was so lovely to get an opportunity to speak a little more and listen to a different person speaking Japanese.
I enjoy Hariki-sensei’s lessons including the karaoke sessions.

Read the blog about how Hariki-sensei challenges a new thing below.

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