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My Teaching Experiences

School of Oriental & African Studies -University of London (2014-2019)

Foreign & Commonwealth Office (2013-2016)

King's College London (2009-20017)

University of Sheffield (2006-2009)

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  1. Take online monthly group session with Arai-sensei.
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Learning Support by Mineko Arai

You can choose to take my monthly support in an online group session.

- Ask about better learning techniques.

- Learn from other students' techniques.

*30 minutes per session

*You can attend more than once if several slots work for you.

1-to-1 Teachers

You can choose to book a slot with a professional native teacher.

- Try a conversation and get feedback.

- Ask about grammar and expressions.

*10 minutes each (max 4 slots/month)

Michiko Kimura

Born in Yokohama, Japan

  • Teaching for 5 years.
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Japanese Teaching
  • The language centre of the University of Amsterdam (Amsterdam, The Netherlands) 

Mariko Yamamoto

Born in Tokyo, Japan.

  • Teaching for 6 years
  • Certificate of Japanese Language Teaching
  • Waseda Foreign Language College (Tokyo, Japan) 

Junko Noda

Born in Hyogo, Japan.

  • Teaching for 4 years.
  • Certificate of Results, Japanese Language Teaching Competency Test
  • Tokyo International Japanese school (Tokyo, Japan)

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