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This course is a perfect match to what I was looking for. I was frustrated about my speaking before, but now I feel steady progress after each lesson, thanks to the natural/organic learning methods.

Arai-sensei’s lessons are well-structured, easy to follow, and very clear on the core principles. They allow you to build up the fundamental grammatical structure, the fun-practice keeps me engaged, and my motivation and confidence has grown. The course makes me easier to be consistent and keep studying, unlike other online courses I've tried.

 ‘Master SPEAKING Japanese’ is a great option for all interested in learning Japanese, in particular for self-learners, try it out! – Leo Fariñas

This on-line course is a great thing! What I like is that step-by-step I’ve moved from a basic vocabulary to being able to use sentences to make statements and ask questions. 

Arai-sensei is able to guide me to the thinking that underlies the Japanese ways of speaking. She has a brilliant understanding of what English speakers find hardest about her native language, so she spends time on these aspects. Some materials gloss over those learning points unfortunately.
I find the self-study materials clear and with an internal consistency that helps me to know where I am. Learning through the practice and conversation videos sticks in the memory! - Bob Lentell

I am learning Japanese because Japan is a fascinating country and I hope that being able to communicate with the locals in their language will lead to experiences I could not have otherwise.

Arai-sensei's ability to combine teaching the language with giving insights into the social and cultural aspects of Japan makes every lesson exciting and entertaining.

She gives a personalised learning experience, and her friendly nature is very engaging. – Uta Heil

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