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Japanese Speaking Practice for Self-study


You will be able to speak Japanese with confidence in just 4 weeks. It is a matter of learning methods. Once you know how to practice speaking Japanese, you can speak better sooner. 

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You will 'learn by speaking' in this online course 

You will learn beginner Japanese by speaking. Also, you will learn Japanese cultural aspects behind the expressions. 

What does this mean? You do not need to memorise everything any more. You will learn the ways of thinking and the native speakers' perspectives behind the phrases and sentence patterns. Through lots of speaking practice with daily expressions, you will be able to express your needs and your feelings like the native speaker.

If you have been studying Japanese as a beginner, you will be able to create a strong foundation of your study. If you are a complete beginner, you will start a smooth learning experience by following step-by-step practice.

Comments by the Learners  

'Arai-sensei's lessons allow me to build up the fundamental grammatical structure, the fun-practice keeps me engaged, and my motivation and confidence has grown.'  - Leo Fariñas

'Step-by-step I’ve moved from a basic vocabulary to being able to use sentences to make statements and ask questions! ' - Bob Lentell

'Arai-sensei's ability to combine teaching the language with giving insights into the social and cultural aspects of Japan makes every lesson exciting and entertaining.' - Uta Heil

Self-study Speaking Practice

  • Unlimited access for my lessons. You will create many sentences and say them aloud in real life settings.
  • Practice Any Time Anywhere

    You can practice little by little everyday. This is the best learning approach.

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Course Contents

  • PART 1 Dining out & Shopping
  • PART 2 Checking Events & Scheduling
  • PART 3 Visiting Places
  • PART 4 Activities in Your Life
  • PART 5 Describing things
  • PART 6 Consolidation
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My Professional Background

  • Former lecturer at UK Universities and the Foreign Office.
  • Was selected as the best tutor online
  • 15 years of teaching experiences
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The course is suitable for you if you

  • are looking for interactive lessons for beginners,
  • have basic knowledge but want to improve your SPEAKING,
  • want daily short SPEAKING practice through self-paced learning, or
  • want to understand the grammar easily and avoid common errors.

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